Building Your Dream Home

Building Your Dream Home

Building your dream home is exciting, you get to plan every aspect of your home and all of the features and fixtures that you want to put in it.  Don’t forget the huge benefits of having control over the layout, materials and locations, you truly can have your dream home.  A custom built home is more expensive than buying something already built, but the benefits far outweigh the cost.  Let’s look at why you should consider building your own rather than buying an older home.

The Ability to Customize

You have complete control over the design and the layout of your home, no more putting the bathroom next to the kitchen.  You can pick out the flooring, cabinetry and the appliances or even add features like skylights.  Yes, you can renovate an existing home and replace flooring and cabinetry but if you have never been through a renovation project before, you have no idea how inconvenient or messy it is.  You can contribute to every aspect  of the home and that you can’t do with an existing property.


How you layout your home and make use of the space can be tailored to you.  If you have special needs then you can accommodate them, special needs can be anything from wider doors to accommodate a wheelchair, an in-law suite for your aging parents or a whirlpool bath to ease aching muscles.  Do you enjoy cooking or host large family dinners, then you can make sure that you have a kitchen suited to that.  You can build your own library or add a garage to restore old cars.  The possibilities are endless.

Building Materials

The quality of the building materials that you use to build your house can vary a great deal.  Buying a newly constructed home built by a developer can have a lot of low quality and prefab materials.  When you build your own home and work with a reputable home builder then you can be assured that you have the best materials.  It isn’t just construction material to consider but other things like what your countertops or cabinets are made from, what type of tiles you are putting in your bathroom.  Even the smallest detail is under your control.

The Budget

Most of us aren’t millionaire or billionaires where we never have to worry about money or the budget for building your home.  The rest of us have to balance the budget against the features and the size of the house we want.  In fact budget will be the biggest factor in the design of your dream home.  A good building contractor and architect can work with you to design a property that gives you want you want while staying within your budget.


Where you put your dream home is as important as the structure itself.  If you want to create a serene oasis that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life, with no neighbors to come and borrow a cup of sugar then you have that option.  You can also look for property that is commuting distance from the city with all the amenities that you need close by.  You have the ability to find the location that suits you best.


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