Why are Bathroom Renovation So Expensive?

Why are Bathroom Renovation So Expensive?

The bathroom may be the smallest room in your home but it is one that has huge impact, especially if you are looking to sell.  Even if you are not planning on selling it is still one of the most used rooms in the home and when it comes time to renovate one of the most expensive.

Why are Bathroom Renovation So Expensive?

The entire blog team (Andy and myself) agree that bathroom renovations are labor intensive and require specialized tradesmen to complete and that of course drives up the cost.  It takes a great deal of time to lay down tile and if you want to move a sink or toilet then you will pay for the plumber to come in a do so.  Before you start planning out your renovation you need to take your budget into account and make your choices based on what is easiest and affordable.

Before you start your renovation, consider the following points:

DIY or Contractor

A fresh coat of paint or changing out the faucets is a pretty easy DIY project but that is roughly where it will end.  If you want a complete makeover then you need a contractor to come in and help you.  You’re going to need permits from the city, the contractor will take care of that, and as was said you may need plumbers or tile guys to handle much of the work.

Moving Things Around

As an example, if you want to move a sink, expand the bathroom or move the lighting fixtures then that will make the renovations that much more expensive.  You will need an electrician to move your lights and a plumber to move the plumbing for the sink.  If you still want to make over your bathroom without it costing more than a new car then stay with the original layout.

Updating an Older Bathroom

Bathrooms get a lot of use and they can get dingy looking with age, especially the bathtub and the sinks.  If replacing them is beyond your budget you can refinish them and make them look new again.  There are also inserts that will cover cracked tiles and completely change the look of the bathtub.  If you want to stick with tiles, remember that  installing new tiles isn’t just the cost of the tiles but installation too.

Making it Bigger

Bigger bathrooms are always better but adding space to your bathroom is a big job.  Your contractor will have to tear down and move walls, you will absolutely need a permit for this and you will be taking space from some other part of the house.  You should really only consider this option if the bathroom itself is really small.  You can add space to the bathroom by adding built in shelves, adding a vanity rather than a pedestal sink.  Paint the walls a lighter color to make the room seem bigger.

Renovating the bathroom is a big investment, but it is an investment.  Generally speaking bathroom renovations do see a great return on investment, so while you will spend money it is well worth it in the end.